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Multan's Dusehri Mango (From June 21)

Multan's Dusehri Mango (From June 21)

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Delivering From 21st June

  • Export quality & handpicked 
  • Carbide/chemical free
  • Unripe fresh from farm
  • Premium gift box packaging
  • Take 4-7 days to ripe after dispatch


    The Classic Dusehri Mangoes

    There’s nothing like a blast of sweet fresh mangoes and their rich aroma filling your nostrils. Devour the richness of Dusehri langra mangoes freshly hand picked and packed for you. 

    Dusehri are one of Pakistan's top export quality mangoes and they come in June mostly. These medium sized mangoes are full of juice and treats for mango lovers. The Dusehri langra mangoes are a bit bigger in size in comparison to chaunsa mangoes. Grown on our farms with intense care, these mangoes have a firm flesh and come loaded with pulp. This makes them an ideal choice for shakes and ice cream and makes them a top seller in online mangoes sale.

    Dusehri langra mangoes have a sweet aroma and are one of the most loved mangoes in Pakistan. Book your order now to get a taste of our farm fresh Dusehri langra mangoes. We have one of the quickest delivery services among all the companies that sell multani mangoes online.

    Delivery Date

    Plucking of Dusehri mangoes will start on June 23rd. Pre-order deliveries will be made around June 25th-27th.

    Refund & Return Policy

    We offer hassle free returns and refund. See our Refund Policy

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    Why your prices are higher than local markets?

    Our prices may be slightly higher than what you might find in local markets, it is because we are committed to providing you with the best. Our mangoes undergo a stringent selection process, ensuring that only the finest export-quality fruits make it to your table. We prioritize sustainable farming practices, direct sourcing from orchards, and a close relationship with our farmers to bring you mangoes that are fresh, flavorful, and responsibly sourced.

    Are these mangoes carbide/chemical free?

    Absolutely! We understand your concern for your well-being. That's why we guarantee that our mangoes are carbide and chemical-free. We prioritise your health and the integrity of our mangoes by employing natural ripening techniques and sustainable farming practices.

    How long mangoes will take to ripe naturally?

    We believe in letting nature take its course for the perfect ripening process. The time it takes for our mangoes to naturally ripen may vary depending on the variety and environmental conditions. Once you receive your mangoes, simply place them at room temperature, well-ventilated area and allow them to ripen naturally. We recommend checking them regularly for that perfect balance of aroma and softness.

    What is pre booking phase & how long delivery will take after the plucking of the mangoes?

    Pre-booking phase is an exclusive opportunity for mango enthusiasts like you to secure your share of our highly sought after mangoes before they become available to the general public. By pre booking, you guarantee that you'll be among the first to enjoy the freshest and juiciest mangoes of the season. As for delivery, after the mangoes are plucked, we ensure they go through rigorous quality checks and are carefully packed to maintain their freshness. Delivery times may vary depending on your location but it usually deliver with in a week after plucking date.

    What is the best way to ripe carbide / chemical free mangoes?

    Place them at room temperature. Check them daily, and when they emit a sweet aroma and yield to gentle pressure, they're perfectly ripe and ready to be enjoyed. Trust in the natural ripening process, and get ready to savor the unrivaled flavors of our pristine mangoes.