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The Varieties Of Online Mangoes Available in Pakistan

The Varieties Of Online Mangoes Available in Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the few countries with the best fertile soils to produce nutrient rich, and tasty mangoes. These mangoes are sweet, pulpy and their taste lingers on your tongue for quite a while and you will find these properties in all the best Pakistani mangoes. The best part is that these mangoes are available in different varieties from small to big and yellow to green. If you are not aware of the varieties of mangoes and the variations in their tastes in Pakistan then read on! We have mentioned different kinds of mango varieties in Pakistan which also include dosari langra mangoes

mangoes in pakistan


Doseri mangoes are one of their kind. They are sweet and considered as one of the most liked mango varieties in Pakistan. They are considered as one of the best Pakistani mangoes and you will find them early on in the summer season. They are one of the most sold online mangoes in Pakistan. People not only consume them as they are but also make a large variety of desserts and snacks from them. The mango flavor is one of the most sold flavors in Pakistan, hence it is used in flavored juices, deserts, yogurts, creams, ice creams, baking and much more.


These mangoes are a treat for the eyes because of their pinkish red and yellow color.They are curve shaped with a pointed end and unlike other mangoes, this mango is not sweet in taste but has a dominating tangy flavor. Although it's quite rare in Pakistan, you can buy it from websites that sell dosari langra mangoes.


Chaunsa mangoes are one of the most favorite mango varieties in Pakistan. There are four types of Chaunsa mangoes which include Mosami Chaunsa (Summer Bahisht), Kala Chaunsa (Black), Safaid chaunsa (White) and Azeem Chaunsa (Rattewala). It is known as one of the best Pakistani mangoes because they are very sweet and most people like to soften them up with their thumbs and suck the juice directly instead of cutting them.

People also widely use these mangoes to make fresh juices, shakes and smoothies and thus consume a large quantity of them on a regular basis.

Fresh Mangoes

Anwar Rathol

Anwar Rathol is also known as the king of mangoes in Pakistan. It is a sugar bomb with a very sweet flavour. When you ask the locals  who is the king of mangoes in Pakistan, they will always respond with Anwar Ratho. These mangoes are fiberless and smaller in size in comparison to other mangoes. They come for a very short time because they are only grown in Punjab and Sindh.

Langra Mangoes

The dosari langra mangoes are one of the most loved mango varieties in Pakistan. They are very succulent and rich in fiber. People love to eat these mangoes by slicing them into pieces. These mangoes are green from the outside and yellow from the inside.