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Sindri Mangoes Are For Winners— Here’s How To Get Them At Your Doorstep

Sindri Mangoes

Sindhis are always being arrogant about one thing or another, be it their seas, their ports or their amazing all-year-round weather. However, if there’s something that can spark a war between all types of Pakistanis, it is mangoes. Sindhis are always harping about their Sindri mangoes that originate from, well Sindh of course, and how they come from the land of these mangoes. Multanis of course have the leg up with the Multani mangoes. So how does one resolve this fight? Only by having all the types of Pakistan mangoes while you can!

Pakistani mangoes

Why Are Sindri Mangoes Special?                         

Sindri mangoes are a leading variety from Sindh. They are aromatic mangoes with a very sweet flavour which is why they have a cult following of their own. But here’s something many might not tell you— they are the sweetest of the mangoes. Each mango that we have explained to you so far has had its own name and this one does too. It’s called the ‘honey fruit’. You can identify a good Sindri amongst other Pakistan mangoes by seeing its distinct long shape and pointed curved end. It also has a much thinner peel than the rest!

Now that you know Sindri mangoes are for champions, you might be wondering where to get them from. Let us give you best and most simple answer. Hint: it’s also the most convenient one!

What Do True Mango Lovers Do?

True mango lovers do not want to compromise on the taste of their mangoes. If they have access to the top mangoes in Pakistan, they want to make the most of it. Given the current inflation rates, petrol prices and unbearable heat, it is not feasible for everyone to be going around towns finding the best mangoes.

Did you know you have access to the most premium mangoes online? It may sound too good to be true but Licious mangoes are the place of your dreams if you’re real about your love for top mangoes in Pakistan. True mango lovers order their favourite Sindri mangoes from Licious mangoes because not only is it the most convenient and cost-effective option, but we are also providing the most premium mangoes in Pakistan.

How To Order Online and Why?

Ordering online is the way the world works today. If you have the world at your fingertips, why not make the most of it? Especially when it comes to ordering mangoes online because the season goes by faster than you think. Mangoes may continue coming but we all know the harsh reality: they don’t taste as good. We’re holding onto the memories of them tasting amazing when in fact we know it’s not how it used to be. Mangoes then say to us, “mujh se pehli si mohabbat na maang” and you better not have regrets then.

Licious mangoes offer premium packaging too because we know aesthetically pleasing stuff is everything nowadays. You can get your favorite variety of mangoes, farm-fresh, 100% organic and sweet and fragrant (the stuff of dreams) and we promise you, you’ll keep coming back for more. You select, shop and we simply drop. Here’s the best part: if you want to taste the premium mangoes of Pakistan available online, sign up for our newsletter too! You get 10% off your first purchase. We hate to be your bubble busters but mangoes sell out fast. Don’t sleep on our premium mangoes, shop online now.