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A New Mango Flavor Every Month; Here Is Why Pakistan Is A Mango Haven!

If we told you that Pakistan is producing more than 100 varieties of Mangoes would you believe us? Well, you will have to believe us because it's true. The perfect soil balance, suitable temperatures and the art of growing mangoes over years has come together to generate species after species of mangoes. Moreover, the seeds have traveled between different areas in the subcontinent and created new species of fruit that are cherished by people all over the country.

While it is true that Mango is the “King of Fruits” in Pakistan, the great quality combined with the large variety allows the people to taste a new kind of Mango every month of the season. With all that said, the business took a boom so much that you can now buy mangoes online in Pakistan.

Licious Mangoes is one of the top companies that sell online mangoes in Pakistan. The objective is to make your favorite fruit available at your doorstep and that too in different varieties to treat your tastebuds.

Easy Availability Of Your Favorite Fruit

A solid reason why Pakistan is known to be a Mango heaven is that eating mangoes in Pakistan is very easy. The fruit comes in abundance during the summer season and it goes up till the end of September. This means you can get it from any shop. But for instance, if you do not have time to visit a fruit shop or live in an area where access to fruit is not easy then you can buy mangoes online in Pakistan.

Lockouts mangoes is an online mango seller that sells top quality mangoes all over Pakistan. They have a wide variety of export quality mangoes which you can choose from.

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A Large Variety Of Mangoes To Choose From

You might not know this but there are more than 100 varieties of mangoes. While some are sweet, some are also tangy. The taste, texture, and color of these mangoes differ from each other and they ripen at different times in the season. If you place a mangoes order online, you will see various options of mangoes available on the website. Being able to taste different varieties of mangoes is a real treat!

Mango Exhibitions Featuring Unique Mangoes

When we said Pakistan is home to more than 100 varieties of mangoes, we were not messing around. You can get to see the various kinds of mangoes in the different seasonal exhibitions that take place in the country. You will see mangoes in Pakistan being brought from different areas to these exhibitions by various vendors. These exhibitions have changed the perspective of people with regard to mangoes as they feature mangoes in various sizes, colors, and smells.

Fresh Mangoes

Mangoes in Every Shape and Size

If you think mangoes have a specific shape or size then you’re wrong. You can find an apricot sized mango in Pakistan and also a big mango about the size of a melon or even bigger. If you buy mangoes online in Pakistan, you may get to buy different varieties depending on the vendor you choose to buy from.

Mangoes in Various Colors

If you thought mangoes were only yellow then you are in for a surprise. Mangoes in Pakistan mostly come in yellow and green colors but test not it. You will also find orange and red mangoes in the country. These are very limited in production and therefore rarely make it to the market but that does not mean that they don't exist. These are mostly a part of export quality mangoes in Pakistan and can also be bought online from companies like Licious Mangoes.

This is why we call Pakistan the Haven of Mangoes.


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